Mudit Mathur 

Current Company : General Manager – Dole Sunshine Company
Qualification : MBA from IIM- Bangalore
Domain : Marketing

With over 27 years of diverse and international experience in the FMCG and food industries, Mudit Mathur is a seasoned business leader currently serving as the General Manager for Dole Sunshine Company in India. His extensive career includes key roles at Johnson & Johnson, where he excelled in commercial growth, brand launches, and market expansion across various global markets, including India, Australia, USA, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. 

Mudit’s proficiency extends to digital marketing, storytelling, and independent directorship. As a mentor and advisor, he brings a wealth of knowledge in business management, route-to-market strategies, and marketing. His mission is to build a legacy of leadership, talent, and excellence that delivers superior financial results and social impact. 

Mudit’s diverse skill set and global mindset make him an ideal mentor for those seeking guidance in business strategy, international market entry, and leadership development. Mudit explains, “My passion lies in inspiring and guiding individuals to discover their strengths and purpose, in their professional journeys and leave a long term social impact.” 

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