Vasu T S 

Current Company : Associate Director (Sales) – Perfetti Van Melle
Qualification : MBA from IIM- Ahmedabad
Domain : Sales

Vasu T S, a seasoned professional serving as an Associate Director in Sales Development at Perfetti Van Melle, brings over 12 years of invaluable experience to the table. His extensive career includes pivotal roles across India, contributing significantly to the company’s strategic growth. Vasu excels in driving route-to-market strategies, enhancing sales efficiency, and leveraging business intelligence. 

His notable achievements involve expanding market dominance in East and North East India, establishing PVMI as a leading FMCG company in Bhutan, and implementing innovative RTM strategies resulting in a remarkable 60% increase in direct coverage. Vasu’s leadership extends across various roles at Lotte India Corporation, Wrigley India Pvt Ltd, and Danone. 

As an experienced professional, Vasu emerges as an ideal mentor for those seeking guidance in sales, distribution, and market expansion. His diverse skill set and wealth of experience make him well-equipped to mentor individuals in their growth and leadership journeys. He adds,“I am thrilled about this opportunity of inspiring and collaborating with individuals and sharing my industry insights.” 

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